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22 April 2008 @ 05:29 pm
The Presets - Apocalypso  
042208 The Presets - Apocalypso

I don’t think anyone can resist this dynamic dance-punk duo even if they wanted to. Not even Odysseus, for all his craft, would refuse to give in to this epic call to the dance floor and considering he resisted the nymph Calypso for seven years, that’s saying something. Who knew they rocked so hard down under?

The dynamic Australian electro duo, Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes, follow up their 2006 release, Blow Up, with this ass kicking throwback that smacks of a Depeche Mode-esque new wave dance-punk electronica. And it’s not just because Julian’s vocals remind me of none other than David Gahan. Listen to any track, particularly “Together” and you’ll know what I mean. Dance-punk, electro, electronic, new wave, the conglomeration of miscellany genres (derivate, granted, but a medley nonetheless) is merely testament to their dynamism, important in this explosive wave of electro prefixed music.

Further allusions to Greek myth aside, the first track, “Kicking and Screaming” does indeed drag you into the album with such immediacy that you hardly know what happened to you – head nodding, and ass just aching to jack-up the dance floor. The second track, a deeply raw electro grunge (more genre mish-mashing, I know) called “My People”, is a song that just completely overwhelms your mind and body. If you hadn’t completely surrendered after “Kicking and Screaming” then you’re more than likely to be claimed by this track. If not, then you’re just hopeless and should leave the dance floor. “This Boy’s in Love” and “Yippiyo-Aye” are also notable tracks, especially the former, possible one my favourite. And for those who want more of that Depeche Mode new wave should definitely check out “Anywhere” and “If I Know You”, a song with an intro reminiscent of a synth-pop ballad you would hear on a school dance episode of classic Degrassi.

For some unabashed, unfettered fun – to unshackle yourself from life and let loose – The Presets “Apocalypso” is just the means to afford you that liberating transcendence. Whether a sibylline DJ is clever enough to play “My People” in a club or you’re strutting your stuff across your home with a box of ice cream in hand to “Yippiyo-Aye”, Apocalypso is simply hands down a remarkably amazing piece of work.