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04 February 2008 @ 05:36 pm
City and Colour - Bring Me Your Love  

For his second album, Alexisonfire guitarist and vocalist Dallas Green presents a rather weak and mellow sophomore effort. It is most certainly not up to par as was his debut Sometimes, which produced several number one hits including Save Your Scissors and Comin Home. The album sounds more like a soundtrack to a folksy indie movie than the rather subtle and ethereal songs we're used to getting from Dallas.

The first two songs are a quite low-key and soothing beginning to the album, but the mood suddenly changes with The Death of Me. Dallas brings some new instruments to light on the tracks, giving the tone and harmonies of the songs sound folk-like.  Body In A Box offer a quirky melody with harmonica's and the likes. Sleeping Sickness kicks in with the most variety of instrumentals presented on the album, and it promises to be the most prominent single compared to the other tracks. It's also the only track that offers a voice other than Green's. Gordon Downie pitches in for a verse and chorus fill-ins. The newly added harmonica, banjo and percussion backups on the record definitely show a diversification for the musician.

Though the distinctly sounding album offers a few surprises here and there, overall the album becomes a little repetitive and uninteresting. On a positive note Dallas still produces note-worthy lyrics. He gives listeners depth and meaning with each song, proving his skills as a lyricist are perceptive. And this is why the album is definitely worth the listen.