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22 January 2008 @ 02:11 pm
Review: Protest The Hero - Fortress  

Fortress is the latest effort from Protest The Hero; the quintet will release their sophomore effort on January 29. There are ten tracks on this compilation as there were on Kezia, the previous album. The band has stuck to their signature sound on Fortress but have advanced their artistic barriers by including melodic piano and guitar work.

Bloodmeat is the first single off Fortress and it certainly has the most kick on the entire album. It starts off with a signature PTH riff and gets right into the heavy, fast paced drumming from Moe Carlson. The Dissentience features heavier guitars and rockin screamage. Bone Marrow and Spoils show the classical side of PTH, as they conclude these songs with harmonic piano work. Sequioa Throne, Limb From Limb, Spoils and Wretch show Miller and Hoskin's abilities as infinite with extreme riffage on these tracks. They're very Dragonforce-inspired, or that's at least what comes to mind. Palms Read is diversely interesting in that it hints at a bit of Danny Elfman inspired interval. The album concludes with Goddess Bound and Goddess Gagged, both with extremities of intertwined drumming and complicated guitar work. Lyrically, Arif Mirabdolbaghi has created an interesting way to approach PTH albums. As with Kezia, there's an ongoing story line within each song, continued one after the other. "The ten tracks are split into three sections." says Mirabdolbaghi. ""This album is nothing to be intellectualized. All talk of wonder, pathos and optimism (blindfolded) aside (hink). I feel it’s a very natural progression for us. A natural progression into further obscurity."

All in all, sticking to their guns, fans of PTH will be pleased with Fortress. Here, take Arif's word for it: "I am of the belief a lot of the people who work for us were hoping for a stab at a more commercially viable album, however we wrote what we wanted without linear boundaries and created something less commercial than ever. Some fans of the band will hate it. And some people who hate the band will love it. All others can rot." So there you have it, PTH on their new album and they don't care whether people like it or not.