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24 January 2008 @ 01:02 am
Bullet For My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire  

Scream. Aim. Fire. Nothing short of a progressive start to the year for British metal-heads Bullet For My Valentine. The quartet will be releasing their second full length on January 28 and there is already buzz all over the internet on dedicated fan sites and blogs alike. 4th World takes a closer look at what this band has to offer after the relatively successful The Poison.

BFMV kick off the new album with a blistering track tentatively entitled ... Scream Aim Fire. It's a fast-paced track through and through with wicked drummage and hard guitars. Eye of the Storm follows just as quick with equally as much kick as Scream Aim Fire. Tuck brings grungey vocals which sound layered and give the two songs arena show echo-effects. Melodic solos fill in bridges making the songs almost text-book BFMV. Hearts Burst Into Fire, the first of two love songs on the album, couples a relatively fast-tempo beat with harmonic guitars and slowed down vocals. Waking the Demon is comparably one of the few songs that offer duel-guitar solos like that of Avenged Sevenfold's City of Evil. Disappear, Deliver Us From Evil and Take It Out On Me all share a fast-paced drum beat with the adding of hard rock guitar riffs from Tuck and Padge. Say Goodnight slows the fast-tracked album for the first 2 and half minutes of the song before picking up again. End of Days and Last To Know kick back into the blistering pace offering nothing less, nothing more than which has already been heard on the album. Forever and Always is a classic end to the fast-paced themed album, giving the fans a personal connection to the classic BFMV and arena rock sound.

It's difficult to appreciate the band's growth simply because the songs breeze through this album however, Bullet have definitely proved their metal and certainly the future seems to be bringing an evolution of sorts for this band. They have hardened their sound and as a result produced a better album than The Poison which offered an emo/metal selection of songs. Fans are certain to embrace the new Bullet album and with a tour well on it's course already, and a follow up slot on the Taste of Chaos tour, they are ready to take this album out.